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Anti-aging medicines for the skin and all body functions. Products to help for problems in the skin, hair growth, blood circulation, joints and digestion. Innovative slimming aids. Unwanted hair solutions.

Click here to see an exhibition of good erotic products for men and women. Products to enhance sexual drive, good feelings, orgasms, erections. female engorgement, lubrication, penile size and breast size. Erotic play toys.

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hypergh14x - pills to help restore the nuscle integrety of youth and build up more muscles - click here

Rosaceareliefserum - topical cream to reduce or cure rosacea, red skin and red swallen veins

VigRXPlus - pills for men to give larger and more stable erections and to make the erections come more easily - click here

Provestra - pills for women to optimize the fuction of the vagina, clitoris and vulva and to enhance all good sexual feelings - click here

VigRXoil- oil to apply on the penis head to immediately start a strong and stable erection and tease up the genital feelings

Vigorelle - oil for women to apply at her clitoris and between her vulvar lips to start strong sexual reactions and make intense feelings - click here

Natural drugs to treat many categories of health problems

Respiratory problems and issues of the mouth and nose

Skin care products - acne, rosacea, eczema, herpes, wrincles, stretch narks, etc

Drugs to sharpen brain capcity, Help for neurological and mental problems - for example bad sleep, anxiety and depression

Support for problems in the joints, scheleton and muscles - also braces and massage equipment

Heart and circulatory drugs

Stomach and colon help drugs

Urinary system support and help to optimize sexual functions

Eye and vision  medicines

Slimming products and natural anti-aging medicines

Hormonal and metabolic problem, diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc

Systemic and immune system disorders, oedema, help for aging, tiredness, lack of energy, aids
Pain conditions, headache

Herbal products intesify erotic pleasure and support sexual functions

Addiction to tobacco and other substanses

Good stores of natural drugs to treat diseases, increase fitness, intensify sexual satisfaction and solve sexual problems

A great exhibition of drugs to intensify sexual pleasure and solve problems with the sexual functions

Medical, orthopedic and nursing products

Vitamins, anti-oxidants, pridatica, essential fatty acids, nutrients

Non-medical body products

How do natural drugs work

Natural drug and therapy vocabolary

Drugs and health products for your pet

Natural support for the respiratory system, oral cavity and the nasal area

Bronchitis & Asthma Aide - To treat asthma, chronic broncgitis, bronchiolitis and symtoms like morning cough, and clogged breath. Relieves bronchial theightening and wheezing, helps loosen, phlegm, drains bronchial tubes

Botanic Choice Respi Clear Herbal Supplement Capsules - 90 ea - Your best defense against respiratory issues is a healthy mucous lining, which begins in your nose and sinuses and continues through your throat, bronchial tubes, passageways and lungs. Respi Clear's comprehensive formula works to maintain optimal health throughout the entire respiratory system.

Germ Guardian UV-C Tower Air Purifier Model AC5000B - 1 ea - CADR Rated 125+ Processes the Air in Approximately 193 Sq. Ft. Per Hour. Stands Approximately 28 Inches Tall. Quiet Operation

Hay fever and allergy - historal - Helps for factors like high histamine level and thereby lessons allergy problems

Reboost Cold and Flu Relief - Helps to relieve flu and cold symptoms like fatigue, body ache, nausea and speed up recovery.

Children's Acute Cold & Flu 16 Oz by Buried Treasure - Help for kids to get quickly better from cold and flu

Bad smell from the mouth - Works for the microbes that produce smelling substances in the mouth and helps to neutralize these substances.

White sores in the mouth - Monoplex - To hinder cold sores from developing and help the healing from the sores.

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Skin problem solutions

Help for unwanted dark, brown or black spot or areas in the skin - To help for unwanted darkness due to various causes like age spots, scars, sun damage, freacles and more

Argan Oil - A pure natural oil with strong general healing and rejuvenating effects on the skin - This oil with a long traditional use in Marocco and other north african areas, stimulate all kind of healing pocesses in the skin, and counteracts aging, damages from sun rays and environmental impacts and skin diseaes like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Dermatin - Dry Skin and eczema Remedy - To heal your skin structures so that your skin gets able to keep the right water content and to stimulate your skin to produce oils and waxes necessary for a smooth, fresh and healthy state.

Acne treatment pills - Actimine - To stimulate the internal cleaning processes in your skin. To nourish and stimulate the rebuilding of structures damaged by acne.

Acne treatment set - Pills, creams and washes - Complete set to clean out acne symptoms and induce healing.

Kollagen intensive - against wrinkles and skin aging - This is a clinically proven natural topical drug to fight back wrinkles and other aging changes in the skin.

Scars and chronic injuries in the skin - This product stimulate the skin to heal or reduce scars and injuries caused by mechanical impacts, injuries after skin infections, excessive sun exposure, burns, chemical damages and more.

Swelling, dark shadows and furrows around the eyes, a product for permanent reduction - Apply this product at the skin around the eyes some weeks or a few months, and the signs of aging will gradually be reduced permanently.

Topical serum to help for stretch marks of various kind - This is a clinically proven natural topical drug to help for stretch marks of various types, for example wite stripes and furrows.

Help for miscolorations in the skin of various causes -Illuminatural6i - Serum to reduce or take away brown areas or other miscoloration due to excessive sun exposure agning changes, been there from birth, or other causes. It can help for moles, freckles, birthmarks, acne scars, melasma and hyperpigmentation

SKINCEPTION Rosacea relief serum - This treatment serum gives clinically proven effects against the dryness, the visible veins, the degenerative changes and the bad feelings in the skin due to rosacea.

Loss of skin color or vitiligo - Callumae - To help for vitiligo by moderating the immune responce in the skin and stimulate healing of the melanocytes.

Eczema or dermatitis and dry skin - Dermatin - Herbal pills to help for eczema by reducing allergic response and by increase tissue healing.

Triple Cream Severe Dry Skin/Eczema Care - 8 oz. - Made to be especially good for kids. Ingredients: Water, White Petrolatum, Isopropyl Myristate, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Beeswax (Apis Mellifera), Cholesterol, Benzyl Alcohol, Oat Kernel Extract, Sodium Citrate, Bisabolol (L-Alpha), Citric Acid

Psoriasis Cream - Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid 2.0% Other Ingredients (in alphabetic order): Allantoin, cetyl alcohol, citricidal (botanical extract of citrus), cod liver oil, echinacea, jojoba oil, lemongrass oil, rose hip seed oil, sarsaparilla, stearic acid, triethanolamine, Vitamin E oil, water, yellow dock.

Products to treat warts - Products to remove foot warts and hand warts and worts on the body.

Pills to treat herpes - to hinder herpes outbreaks and to help heal outbreaks - Pills to hinder the virus from breaking out and making sores and to stimulate healing of the sores.

More herpes treatment products and products to help for canker sore and shingles - please go here - Help for HPV-1 and HPV-2 type herpes in the oral and genital refions. - all famous cosmetic and skin care products in the world for reduced prizes - This is probably the internets greatest store for comsetics and daily ski care products. In this online store you can also find products to generally keep your skin healthy and to protect your skin against impacts. You find products that have a broad effect against several skin conditions and you can find products for specific conditions like facial and body acne, stretchmarks, eczema or skin inflammations, cold sores, scars and rosacea. You can also get custom made skin drugs exactly fit for your needs.

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Natural drugs for problems in the nervous system

Pills to increase brain capacity and mental endurance - Brain Pills - These pills will increase allertness, boost intelligence and thinking speed, elevate memory power and speed, take away mental exhaustion and foggy feelings and help you stay concentrated on problems a long time without getting mentally tired.

Help to get rid of depression and low mood - Exulin depression Remedy - This natural drug for depression and emotional discomfort is based on stimlating herbs with a long proven usage for that purpose, lke Gibko Biloba, St John's wort and Rhodiola rosea. It also contain nutrients that help the making of serotonin from tryptofan, a hormon important for good emotional functions.

Help for nervousness and stress - Hyland's Nerve Tonic Quick Dissolving Tablets - 500 ea - These quick-dissolving tablets help to provide fast relief of stress, nervous tension and irritability and makes you comfortable so you easily can proceed with the tasks of the day

Help against anxiety - Anxiety Soother 4 oz -To calm down anxiety and constant nervous tension. Has the ingredients cava, passion flower, bacopa, abizia, levander extract and levander oil

Problems with concentration and problem solving - Listol - To give children and adults support for their ability to concentrate on work and problem solving.

Help to relax and to get a good sleep the whole night - Mason Natural Relax & Sleep, Tablets - 90 ea - Herbal blending to give relaxation and good sleep, based on the ingredients Valerian Root Extract 130mg, Passion Flower Herb 130mg, Celery Seed Powder 130 mg, Catnip Powder 130mg, Hops Powder, 65mg, Dried Orange Peel.

Help for GABA deficiency causing a syndrom where one has poor sleep, anxiety, stress and tension - Moderex
- This remedy furnishes the body with substances that is used naturally in the brain to regulate sleep, stress and anxiety reactions and thereby it helps to normalize these, for example the substance GABA or gama-aminobutyric acid.

Cerebral palcy or motoric problems of neurologic origin - Vitarin - Helps or difficulties with coordination, muscle wakness and tremor caused by neurological impairments. Strengtens and supports the brain, nerves, muscles and bones of people suffering from neurogenic movement problems.

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Supplements for joints, scheletal or muscular ailments

Topical effective against Carpal and tarsal tunnel syndrome and rheumatic pain - To treat tissue injuries and  inflammation in the nerve passages and thereby alleviate problems caused by nerve compression. Also good for rheumatic pain

Topricin Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream - 4 oz.

Topricin Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream - 4 oz.

Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream

Massage equipment, physical therapy machines, braces and orthopedic devices for protection, support and therapy - This is a general medical store with all kind of equipment. The store has a great inventory of electrically driven massagers, manual massage equipment, tools for rolling massage, gliding massage tools, percussion massagers, ultrasond therapy equipment, warm and hot therapy, massage liniments, massage oils and topicals to treat rheumatism and pain in the muscles and joints. You can find inflatable wrappings for static or sequencial lytmph and blood pumping therapy and pumps to be used for these.

Here you can also find all types of braces, elastic garments, elastic bandages for all body parts, and other orthopedic apparel to be used during sport and daily life, for protection of joints and body parts, for functional support and for therapy. There are also therapeytical training equipment.

Osteoarthritis and stiff joints with friction and pain - Exomine pills - Helps to increase joint smearing and cartlage healing.

Rheumatoid arthritis - Exomine RH pills - Helps reduce inflammation and stiffness and stimulate healing.

Bursitis or chronic joint inflammation width fluid accumulation and pain, as after injuries, especially at the knee - Acusil pills - Calms down inflammation and consequences like pain and fluid retention in the joints and the capsular structures around the joints, caused by injury or wearing, and stimulates the healing of chronic injuries in the joints.

Fibromyalgia and painful spots around the body combined with tiredness and many other symptoms - Anatrin pills - Help to alleviate sharp pain, gives higer energy and better mood levels.

Help to prevent loss of bone minerals and rebuilt lost bone mineral structure so that your bones remain strong and get stronger

Bone Strength Take Care New Chapter Bone Strength

Bone Strength Take Care

Bone Strength Take Care - 30 Tablets - . Helps to reduce mineral loss and rebuild mineral intactness in the joints. Contains Clinical strength plant calcium with fermented vitamin D3 for absorption, vitamin K2 to direct calcium to bones, magnesium and 70+ whole-food trace minerals.

Restless leg syndrome ( RLS) or steady tickling and crampings in the legs- Sedorum - With herbs to calm down unpleasant feelings in the limbs  and muscular restlessness and nutrients to improve the nervous controle of the limbs.

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Natural drugs for heart and blood vessel problem

Help to get healthy cholesterole levels and ballance - Nature Made HealthSolutions CholestOff - To reduce cholesterole levels and improve the ratio between the cholesterole types HDL and LDL, and thereby improve circulation and reduce the chance of heart attacks. a unique, proprietary blend of natural plant sterols and stanols. Plant sterols and stanols, also known as phytosterols and stanols, are naturally occurring substances present in leaves, nuts, vegetables and other plants. Over 40 years of clinical research on plant sterols and stanols have demonstrated their long-term safety with no known adverse effects.

Help against lifestyle-related heart and circulation problems like hypertension and heart insufficiency - Aventrol pills - To lower blood pressure and give more effective heart working and therby reduce fluid cogestion in the lung circulation and other places.

SV1148 Blood Pressure Support, 90 Tablets - A herbal drug to balance the blood pressure by relaxing stress and stimulating healing at several levels in the body circulatory system

Varicose Veins Lotion 8 Oz by Reviva - For massage upon the skin to stimulate vessel dynamics and healing of the vein structures

Lack of redc blood cells, anemia - Advena - Gives nutrient for building of red bloos cells and stimulates the building processes of these.

Help for fluid retention width engorgement in the limbs or other body parts or edema / lymphedema - Capicette - Gives nutrients to help the lymph system to pump the body fluids better and to decrease inflammatory processes that causes accumulation of body fluid.

Pycnogenol - to help for inflammations and Edemas - This estract from pine trees helps alleviate inflammatory conditions and edema. It also helps to hinder tissue damage by various stressors.

For nursing equipment to treat edema, please click here

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Drugs for stomach and bowel problems

Strong or lasting diarrhoea or other lasting digestive  irregularities must allways be investigated medically because they can be due to something serious. Whith that in place these natural supplemets may be of help.

Effective treatment for constipation with probiotics and effective fibers- Digestive Advantage Constipation 30 caps
- Our patented Ganeden Lactobacillus Cultures work to balance your intestinal ecosystem naturally by breaking down any free carbohydrates. This action decreases the bulk in the intestines - providing a normalizing function of improving gut transit, stool frequency and stool consistency - which helps relieve constipation. Glucomannan, a natural soluble fiber is another innovative ingredient in the formulaiton. Fiber therapy works in a safe and gentle way to help pass stools easily, without straining.

Natural drug for Diarrhea Relief 2OZ - This product is formulated to give your bowel content a firmer consitance, bind irritating substances and to calm down your colon so that you get time to produce a normal stool. Based on Aloe socotrina, chamomilla, cinchona officinalis, colocynthis, croton tiglium, cuprum arsenicosum, gelsemium sempervirens, ipecacuanha, nux vomica, phosphoricum acidum, podophyllium peltatum, veratrum album. Equal volumes of each ingredient in a Bio-Energetically enhanced pure water base: 10x, 30x, & LM1 potency. Inactive Ingredients: Citric Acid & Potassium Sorbate.

Hemorrhoids, vessel engorgement and bleeding caused by the condition - Avatrol pills - To help for hemorrhoid and symptoms by stimulating the vessel dynamics and healing of vessel tissue.

Hemorrhoid treatment - Oiron Avenoc - 12 Suppositories
- Suppositories for local treatment of hemorrhoids.

Help for irritable bowel syndrom - This product is formulated to help for irritable bowel syndrom - a condition that makes the colon irritated by nearly anything, and gives constant variations in the bowel function, varying stool condition, pain, cramps and uneasyness.

Complex irregularities in the whole stomach area - Digestive science colon cleanse - This is a good products give give a thorrough cleansing of your colon and to regulate intestinal and bowel functions to normal levels. The products will also benefit the whole body in several ways, like the metabolism, the skin quality and the heart functions.

Support by celiac disease - Alorex - The treatment for celiac disease is a diet without gluten. The disease itself and the diet can however deplete the body for nutrients. This supplement has the aim of restoring the concentration of these nutrients in the body.

Extract for kids to help for colic - Kid-e-Col Extract 2 OZ - Remedy to treat colic and digestive cramps, especially in kids, Formulated with Organic Catnip Herb & Organic Fennel Seed.

Help for kids against kolic- Kids 0-9 Colic 25 ml - Homeopathic drug for kids with colic and stomach cramps effective by symptoms as intestinal gasabdominal pain, bloating, nausea, burping.

Natural drug to stop gastrointestinal reflux - AviPro Reflux Rescue 30 Tabs - Herbal drug to stop regurgitating sure stomach content up to the throut and mouth. Contains Operculina turpethum Root Extract, Clove Flower Bud, Organic Triphala (Amla Fruit, Belleric Myrobalan Fruit, Chebulic Myrobalan Fruit), Black Pepper Fruit, Ginger Root Extract, Hawthorn Berry Extract, Cinnamomum spp. Bark Extract, Long Pepper Fruit, Cardamom Seed, Cyperus Rhizome, Calcium Carbonate, and Sea Salt.

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Good stores for innovative products against diseases and to keep your health in good shape, and optimize sexual functions

OTHER NATURAL DISEASE TREATMENT PRODUCTS - UTI, yeast infection, acne, vitiligo, aging symptoms, AIDS, allergies, Alzheimers disease/dementia, angina, arthritis (osteoarthritis), arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), asthma, attention deficit disorder (ADD), breast cancer, burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, cholesterol, cronic bronchitis, chronic cough, chronic fatigue sydrom, cognitive problems, colds and flue, congestive heart failure (CHF), Crohn`s disease, depression, diabetes mellitus type 1, diabetes mellitus type 2, eczema, edema, endometriosis, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, herpes simplex, hyperlipidemia, hypertention, obesity, otitis media

Please Click here to find the right product

Several products to help against sexual problems and products to stimulate sexual satisfaction - This is a good online store where you can find natural products to solve sexual function problems of men and women and products to optimize male and female functions like erection, lubrication, physical sensations, fertility, virility and orgasms.

VigRXPlus - pills for men to produce bigger, more stable and longer lasting erections togeather with more intense feelings - please click here

Provestra - pills for women to produce more intense sexual dezire, stronger genital feelings togeather with better lubrication, more energy and more ample orgasmic reactions - please see here

VigRXoil- cream for men to make the penis attain a rock-hard erection at once, make the erection dure throughout a long sexual act and enhance feelings

Vigorell - cream for women to make intense good feelings in the vulva, stimulate lubrication, induce clitorial and labial engorgement and intensify orgasmic reactions

VITAMINS, MINERALS AND ANTI-OXIDANTS - also muscle building and sport supplements and products for body general wellbeing ant to help by common ailments - This store has all types of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and biological stimulators.

Many diseases respond to topical treatment, as well as to medicines taken by mouth, especially skin conditions and rheumatic ailments. Sometimes there is a need to combine systemic and topical treatment. Here you find many good topical remedies and also some systemic ones. Here is a great stock of herbal and homeopathic remedies for topical and oral use.

You find all kind of herbal teas for theraputic use and for enjoiment. The shop also has many good herbal products for digestive cleansing, blood cleansing and slimming.

Among product cathegories are: Blood Pressure Support, Blood Sugar, Botanic Spa Beauty Care, Cholesterol Health, Circulation Health , Digestive Health, Essential Fatty Acids, Eye Health, Green Food Supplements, Heart Health, Herbal Teas, Homeopathic Remedies, Immune help, Antioxidants, Joint Care, Liquid Herbal Extracts, Memory, Mood & Anti-Aging, Men's Health, Natural Energy Boosters, Respiratory Care, Thyroid Health , SIngle vitamins, Multivitamins, Hair Care, Weight Loss. Women's Health

Vitamin and Herb Products

Products for skin-care and anti-aging - please click here

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Medical and nursing equipment

General medical store - medical instruments, nursing equipment and equipment to help by disability conditions - Equipment for medical treatment and nursing of many kinds: Enama equipment, orthopaedic items, catheters and urinary support, equipment for cardiac and circulatory support, respiratory items, exercise gears. In this store you can find all kind of products to help people with disabilities or pain condition to lead a normal and comfortable life.

Scrubs and Beyond - Health proffesional clothes and medical equipment - Here you can find a lot of smart clothes or uniforms that health workers of all categories, laboratory personel and people in similar occupations can use at their workplace.

Free Shipping Everyday at Scrubs & Beyond - smart products for fitness, wellbeing, beauty and rejuvenation - This store has many innovative cleansing products, training products, and products to solve specific health problems. By clicking at this product link you can buy the specific product and browse for all the other products.

To find vitamin- and mineral products, pleace click here

Herbal products to intesify erotic pleasure

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Some information about these drugs to help for common diseases

The exhibited drugs are mostly made from natural ingredients, and are produced according to certein general principles. The types of ingredients found are ground herbs, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, peptides, probiotics, pridatica or glyconutrients.

Synthetic chemical are gererally not used in these drugs, except some vitamins in some products, even though the chemical fomula for many of these may be tha same as for corresponding natural substances. There are mainly three reasons for this.

- By synthetic production, there will occur variants with several geometrical configurations of the same substance, while by natural production in plants, microbes and animals, only one configuration is prodused. The unnaturally configured substances do not allways work corrctly in the body.

- Another reason is the thought that naturally produced substances have fine quantum mechanichal energy levels and configurations that differ from those in synthetic ones.

- In the natural sources there will be a blend of necessary nutrient substances, for example trace minerals, that will miss from synthetic products. Naturlly produced substances are often purified with physical processes before being used in drugs, but one seek not to puryfy in such a degree that valuable trace elements are lost.

One of the prinsiples is to blend together small amounts of several ingredients that are known to give the same effect, but with different working mechanisms. Such a blending will usually according to experience have greater therapeutic effect that the same total amount of just one compund. In such a blending it is also unlikely that all the ingredients will have the same side effects. Therefor one avoids any side effect that will be untollerably high. The way these ingredients work differ from ingredient to ingredient:

Some ingredients furnish substances that the immune system uses as tools in the fight against microorganisms and other harmfull elements. There are also components in some of the drugs that stimulates or commands the immune system to work. The result of these effects will stop the disease process faster or alleviate the disease process.

Inflammation is the total responce from the body when harmful substances or elements are present and when tissue has been hurt. The inflammation process comprizes the responce made by the immune system, fluid accumulation in tissues, brake-down of damaged tissue elements and growth of scar tissue. Bacically the inflammation process is necessary to fight diseases and reorder the tissues after attack by microbes, chemicals or after mechanical injuries. However, the inflammation process can be exaggerated, and sometimes there is too less inflammation. By allergy, the immune system reacts against substances it should not react against and induces a more or less strong inflammation process. There are herbal and other natural elements that can decrease components in the inflammation process when they are exagerated. There are also natural drugs that can moderate the responce of the immune system so that allergies are alleviated.

Some ingrediets furnish building blocks that the body needs to recover from damages by diseases and injuries. Some components furnishes substances that the body use as tools in the repair of damages and in bodily developmentand there are components that commands the building mechanism to work.  The effect of these ingredients is a faster recovery from damages when the disease process have been stopped, and a hinder for a disease process that is still present to make too much damage.

Some ingredients are used as tools in daily bodily functions like the nervous functions, blood circulation, intestinal activities, urinary secretions or senses, and some ingrediets may regulate these functions to work stronger or in another way. There may also be components like pridatica that helps to wash out vastes from the body tissues, from the urinary system and from the intestines. These effects helps for malfunctions in the body due to the disease and also support the fight against harmful elements and recovery from damages.

The total result of all these types of effects is a tratment of specific diseases, of a group of diseases or a generally better health.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and cosmetic act